About Us

Gracias por visitar Rocio’s Bazaar, Soy Rocio!

With the clothing industry and fads changing all the time, it can be very hard and often very expensive to keep up. At Rocio’s Bazaar we always carry the latest trends and if there is something you are looking for, but we don’t have it in stock we will get it.

Rocio’s Bazaar is located in Orange County in the city of Laguna Hills. While we have a physical location, the majority of our merchandise will be placed on our website to make your experience smoother, as we are able to post more products and variety online. 

-If you find something on our site, you can order it here or you can do “in-store” pick up.

Our online store and physical store offers retail and wholesale prices, check it out now!

Clothing Industry Trends

  • Practical
  • Comfort
  • Fashion
  • Research

We carry many brands, tell us what you need and we will get if we don’t have it.

We know that it can be hard to choose between good fashion and keeping a budget. This is why at Rocio’s Bazaar we guarantee the lowest prices. If you find it cheaper at another location, bring the advertised ad to to our store and we will match it.  We are sorry price matches are only done in store.